Out of all of the parts of the body, the foot is often the first to be neglected. A pedicure is a way to improve the appearance of the feet and their nails. It is a standard foot care for both men and women.

From the ancient origin of foot maintenance to the use of a foot massage to rejuvenate the feet, the pedicure is a necessary procedure to maintain healthy toes and nails.

A pedicure session lasts from 30 minutes to an hour. Feet are washed and cleaned first, followed by a detailed scrub and massage session for the feet. Nails are trimmed and polished, with the treatment ending with moisturizing and reflexology. Whether performed at home or in a spa, the basic function of a pedicure is to clean and maintain the appearance of feet.

Pedicure Types

The most common types of pedicures are paraffin wax pedicures, spa pedicures and French pedicures. The paraffin pedicure covers the feet with a thin coat of wax to restore moisture and soften feet. The spa pedicure or basic pedicure includes the clipping of the nails and cuticles, scrubbing of the feet with a pumice stone and polishing of the nails. The French pedicure includes a base of sheer pink polish accented with a thin white strip of polish across the top of the toenails.

Pedicure Benefits

Feet demand proper care and attention because of their importance to walking and support of the body's weight. This spa service pampers and soothes tired feet, but also repairs brittle or ingrown toenails and removes dead skin cells off the bottom of the feet. Pedicures can prevent nail diseases and nail disorders.

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