French Pedicure

French Pedicure

While planning your beauty routine, don't neglect your feet that carry your around all day long. Well-groomed and healthy feet and nails go a long way in adding to your personal style statement. The best way to pamper your feet is through treating it with french pedicure.

The main feature of a French pedicure is the clear or pearl shaded varnish that looks classic and ideal for corporate wear as well as the evening out. A French pedicure works much like a regular pedicure: your nails are painted with pearl or mauve colored varnish and a hint of white is applied on the top.

Many women choose to have a French pedicure at the beginning of warm weather months so that their feet look nice in sandals and open-toed shoes. Other women maintain a French pedicure all year long. A French pedicure, as compared to a pedicure done with a vibrant color of nail polish, looks more natural and leaves the feet looking neat and well-cared for. Some prefer this look to the look of toenails painted with bright pinks or reds, which are common shades of nail polish.

In addition to the application of polish, it is common for pedicure treatments to include a number of other treatments for the feet. Most spas include skin buffing, callus removal, and a foot massage in their pedicure treatments. It is also possible to have reflexology incorporated into a spa pedicure. Some spas also offer paraffin treatments for clients who have particularly dry skin on their feet. These treatments are often options for spa clients who have booked French pedicures as well as pedicures that only require a single color of nail polish.

How to maintain a French pedicure between salon visits?

When you wear closed shoes, there is a tendency for the nail polish on your toes to get chipped off. This may happen before your next salon visit, so there is a need to take good care of your toenails to maintain your French pedicure.

Here are simple tips you can follow that will help make your French pedicure last until you come back to the salon for another pampering session:

    Buy your own pedicure set that consists of a nail file, cotton swabs, clear nail polish, white nail polish, nail polish remover (acetone), and a toenail nipper. When you notice your French pedicure is starting to chip off, you can retouch it on your own. First, remove the uneven nail polish with a nail polish remover, but not completely removing the white tip. It is important to leave a mark where the white tip is, since it is very challenging to apply the white tip evenly on all nails if there is no pattern. Remove the clear nail polish. Then let the nails dry. Cut the corners of your toe nails with a nipper if it has started to grow. You may also use a nail file to create a smooth curve for the tips of the toenails.

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