French Manicure

French Manicure

The French manicure has remained popular for several decades, and there's a good reason. This style of fingernail and toenail polishing is simple yet very elegant. It's also natural looking which is what many women prefer as opposed to painting nails bright and unnatural colors. Since the base colors of a French manicure are very pale or colorless, the style is suitable for every kind of occasion whether it's work or play. You can wear a French manicure at your work desk wearing a business suit or at a restaurant in your evening dress.

The French manicure is basically a polishing style that takes several steps to complete. The nail is painted a light pink or natural color and the tip is painted white. There's an obvious demarcation between the nail tip and the rest of the nail. A guide is normally used in order to create a uniform white tip on each nail. The polish and white tip are then covered with a clear sealer. This style is ideal for moderate or short-length nails.

You can do your own French manicure, or you can have a salon polish your nails. If you do your own, the easiest approach is to purchase a French manicure kit which contains the pale pink and white polishes, the nail tip guides and the top sealer.

Of course, we live in a world of innovation today and some women now decorate their French manicure with nail art. Nail art is a decoration added to one or more nails. Nail art should be chosen carefully in order to not dilute the sophisticated and elegant styling of a French manicure.

A French manicure is a beautiful style of nail polishing that has endured in the fashion world since the 1970s. Its versatile look makes it practical for every kind of dress which is one reason why it has been an enduring nail polishing style.

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