10 steps to surviving Party Season

Everyone loves to party at Christmas, but just a few late nights can take their toll on your health and looks. Our beauty team has came up with a survival guide which should see you through the festive party minefield

1. Beat the bloat
If you want to look fabulous in your favorite party frock, love ay off the canapes, however tempting. Lots of party snacks are wheat-based, the gluten of which can cause stress to the digestive tract, causing bloating, stomach cramps and even Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).

2. Go to a pro.
Extremes of temperature caused by moving from heating to the icy cold outside, can leave skin sensitized and dehydrated. Give your complexion a fabulous treat by booking an oxygen-based facial which will leave you looking fresh and glowing. Ask your therapist to use the oxygen on your lips to plump them up. You'll have plenty of offers to stand under the mistletoe!

3. Eat before you meet
Never drink on an empty stomach and give yourself plenty of time so that you are relaxed, eating slowly and chewing food properly. This will reduce bloating and mean that those canapes don't tempt you! Finish your meal with a cup of peppermint tea which normalizes the digestive function.

4. Pop some pills
Vitamin supplements are a good way of supplementing your poor, disco-battered diet. B Vitamins are great as they help sustain your energy levels, while good old Vitamin C will help support your immune system and ease the pain of hangovers. Throw in a daily dose of Milk Thistle to support your liver function and you'll be in good shape.

5. Spot on
Pimples and breakouts always seem to appear just before a big occasion. If you don't have time to visit a professional salon, try this at-home treatment. Crush aspirins with water to form a paste then apply to individual spots and leave until the last minute before rinsing off. The aspirins contain salicylic acid which is anti-inflammatory and will calm down red, angry pimples.

6. Eau, eau, eau!
Drinking water is boring, but keep reminding yourself that the awful crashing headache you tend to get after a night out is alcohol dehydrating your brain and causing it to swell. Drink plenty of water throughout the evening. One glass of water for every glass of booze is essential.

7. Avoid mix-ups
Mulled wine, eggnog and snowballs might seem like a good idea at the time, but you'll pay the price in the morning. Stick to your usual tipple or go for vodka mixed with soda as it's the purest and lowest sugar alcohol.

8. Hit the sack
Let's face it, none of us bother with our normal cleansing routines once we've dragged ourselves home. At least ensure you have an SOS kit by your bed with a wipe-off cleanser to remove the worst of your make-up and a hydrating moisturizer to beat the dehydration caused by alcohol.

9. Grease is not the word
The morning after, you may find you are craving a greasy fry-up but avoid it at all costs. Refined foods will leave you feeling sluggish and the fat content will have you piling on the pounds. Instead, boil the kettle and sip some ginger tea, which is the best cure for nausea, and try to eat antioxidant-rich foods including grapes, blueberries and strawberries.

10. And breathe
Gentle exercise will work wonders for your poor, partied-out body. Go outside into the fresh air for a short, brisk walk which will get more oxygen into your lungs and tissues. If you are near to a swimming pool, a few slow lengths followed by a toxin-releasing sauna and cool shower will have you feeling ready to party again.

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