Acne Prevention

Acne Prevention

Increased hormonal activity is the root cause of acne. The hormonal activity causes excess oil production in the skin's sebaceous glands and it just so happens that the areas' most affected are the ones that are the most visible. People often mistake acne prevention as manic scrubbing and dieting. Of course hygiene and a healthy diet are important, and a right choice to make, but it will do little for acne prevention. Hygiene and daily face washing may help to some extent, but people go overboard by using harsh compounds and face washes which only encourages increased compensatory oil production in the skin.

Here are some tips on healthy-skin hygiene:

  • Don't over wash! .. . it will stimulate extra oil production which will cause more breakouts as well as irritate your skin.
  • Use gentle formulas...exfoliating is good, but try not to use harsh products on your skin.
  • Don't Touch... as tempting as it is, the more you touch your face, the more breakouts you will get. Propionibacterium acnes are the bacteria that cause breakouts and are usually found on the skin. This bacteria finds its way into your pores and begins its job.
  • Wash off after working out... it's important to shower off immediately after exercise. The heat and moisture get trapped against your skin, creating a breeding ground for spread of bacteria after you have worked out. Best to keep clean!
  • Don't pick or squeeze!... this causes the bacteria to penetrate deeper into the skin causing inflammation. Also, the surrounding skin gets damaged, leaving permanent acne scars.
  • Avoid alcohol based washes... alcohol strips the top layer of your skin causing your sebaceous glands to produce more oil. This makes your skin dry and irritated, causing more blemishes.

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