Therapeutic Massage

Therapeutic Massage

Today in our life (especially in recent decades) massage is becoming increasingly popular, although all recognize therapeutic massage as the most important which often comes as the only measure for the treatment of various diseases.

For some folks massage therapy is an occasional “splurge” or treat, usually at the day spa around a holiday, birthday or on vacation. Other clients of massage therapy may receive a therapeutic massage weekly for chronic health conditions such as headaches or back pain. Massage is even used in palliative care for relief from cancer treatment symptoms.

Therapeutic massage is massage which is offered with the goal of obtaining a therapeutic benefit. It differs from relaxation massage, performed to help someone relax. While therapeutic massage is often relaxing, the end goal of the session or series of sessions is not relaxation. This type of massage is offered at a number of spas and massage studios, and many massage schools teach therapeutic techniques to their students.

The more clinical, or therapeutic, applications of massage therapy might include:

  • Fibromyalgia
  • Chronic body aches and pains
  • Cancer massage or palliative care massage
  • Pediatric massage – especially in cases of special needs children such as Autism and Down’s syndrome
  • Sports injuries
  • Repetitive stress or strain injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Whiplash and accidents
  • Arthritis
  • TMJ or jaw complaints
  • Posture and weight issues

Therapeutic massage sessions are setup quite differently from a spa massage. The setting may be a clinic, hospital or private practice office. A first time client may spend extra time at his or her session to complete a very thorough intake form detailing current and past health complaints. This type of session may retain a large relaxation element to it but advanced techniques are likely to be used for pain and chronic health issues. A therapeutic or clinical massage practitioner will see a client very frequently for the first few weeks or months. This might include half hour massages three times a week, or weekly hour massages for a couple of months. Advanced techniques such as deep tissue massage and trigger point therapy may be used in a more clinical setting.

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  • Therapeutic Massage
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