Scar Reduction

Scar Reduction

While a scar can add an interesting rugged look, the vast majority of people find them to be unsightly and defacing. Many people are so embarrassed a large scars, such as those from serious burns, car accidents or surgeries that they will not wear clothes that they would normally want to wear because they feel that the scar needs to be covered up at all times.
Fortunately for the latter group of people, there are a number of ways to help lessen the appearance of scars.

Methods such as dermabrasion or microdermabrasion involve the careful surgical scraping of the uppermost layer of the skin in a controlled environment. This results to a reduction of the scar's surface and an evened out appearance of the skin. Abrasion is also effective in helping reduce skin pigmentation and acne spots.

Laser treatments
Laser resurfacing removes scars by projecting a light beam on the damaged skin. It works like a dermabrasion. It removes the layer of the skin, revealing a fresh new tissue. This promotes the formation of collagen, filling scars from the inside out. Using this procedure, your new scar will become less noticeable with time.

Silicone sheets
This treatment is non-surgical but can bring effective results in less time. The treatment involves application of silicone sheet, a smooth gel membrane transparent sheet that is attached to the affected skin.

What the silicone does is to put some pressure yet moisturizes the skin to dramatically reduce old scar tissues and helps prevent new ones from forming. This method is proven to be effective especially in dealing with keloid and burns marks with no reported adverse effects.
Massage-massaging the scar helps to improve blood circulation and increase collagen production.

A surgical method of scar reduction involves removal of damaged skin. A patient is placed under local anesthesia while the excess skin is cut. The remaining skin is then sutured and allowed to heal. This is a very effective method for deeper scars and marks although recovery time for this method is a bit long.