Lipodissolve is a nonsurgical method of body contouring as an alternative to minor liposculpture. Lipodissolve injections are based on a mixture of four standard medications that are administered directly into the fat to initiate the breakdown of fat accumulation. Lipodissolve originated in Europe and was developed further in the United States and Latin America.

Is Lipodissolve for me?

Both women and men who have pockets or areas of stubborn fat that is concentrated particularly in areas such as double chin, abdomen, pecks, "love handles", thighs and legs can benefit from Lipodissolve.

Who isn't a candidate?

The absolute contraindications of fat-reducing treatment include the patient's age being under 18 years, pregnant women, nursing mothers, certain diabetic patients, and patients with current infections, or suffering from severe immune deficiency disorders. You must declare any of these to your doctor.

What is the substance used in Lipodissolve?

The main component of Lipodissolve is phosphatidylcholine, which is a natural compound produced from the soya bean. The body uses the same substance in a number of chemical pathways, including fat metabolism.

To ensure a smooth reduction of the fat deposit, it is important to achieve the necessary concentration of phosphatidylcholine in every part of the treated area. This requires a specific multi-injection technique. At the time of consultation the required dosage per area will be calculated. The amounts of phosphatidylcholine injected into one fat deposit range between four ml and 80 ml per application according to your individual needs.

How long does the procedure take?

The Lipodissolve procedure takes between 15 and 30 minutes, depending on how many areas you are having treated per session.

How many treatments will I require?

The number of treatments differs from person to person, depending upon body region and body size. As a rule, two to four treatments in intervals of six to eight weeks apart are necessary to successfully complete the treatment and produce the best results.

When can I resume my normal activities?

You can resume normal activity as usual and there are no special requirements after this procedure. You may continue to experience some mild discomfort and swelling during this time, but such feelings are normal for just one to three days.

What should I avoid after treatment?

Avoid heat, saunas and sunbathing after therapy for one week.

Lipodissolve Risks and Side Effects

Depression, dents, and asymmetry in the skin of the treated area. This is something very unattractive and reportedly not easy to fix even with plastic surgery.