Ionic straightening

Ionic straightening

Everyone's hair is different. The chemical bonds in each individuals hair are unique. Because of the uniqueness, one individual may have curly type while the others is completely straight. When someone who has curly hair attempts to straighten it, they interfere with the chemical bonds.
The Bio Ionic Professional Hair Care System is a revolutionary two-fold system developed in Japan in 1975. It consists of the Patented Bio Ionic Natural Ion Complex (NIC) Retexturising System (commonly known as thermal reconditioning), a permanent straightener that uses natural Natural Ion Complex (NIC) complex, as well as a series of products that can be used with the retexturising system or on their own.

The breakthrough technology of the Natural Ion Complex (NIC) Retexturising System can be used on all hair types without the damage usually associated with traditional chemical straighteners.

What It Does:
Natural negative ions break water molecule clusters into micro-fine particles, allowing the formula to easily penetrate the hair shaft and effectively straighten the hair without breaking the hair's internal structure. Leaves hair soft, smooth, shiny, and silky straight.

Benefits of Ionic straightening:

  • Non-Damaging Formula
  • Safe for Most Chemically Treated Hair
  • No Burning or Itching
  • Revives Damaged, Lifeless Hair
  • Brightens Color and Sheen
  • Minimum Odor