Hair highlighting refers to changing a person's hair color, using lighter (or darker) colors to color strands of the hair in different sizes. There are four types of highlights: basic foil highlights, hair painting, chunking and lowlighting. They are very common for teenagers and done in expressive and usually natural colors.

Many women and even some men are choosing to have highlights these days to add texture and give life back into the hair. Highlights make the hair move, make it fresh and interesting. Not everyone is confident to go for an all over color change, which is why highlights are so popular - they just add touches of color, usually lighter that will enhance your natural or base color.

The categories of the highlights last are: temporary, semi-permanent, demi-permanent, and permanent.

  • Foil highlighting - foil is used to separate and wrap strands of hair so the color is not mixed with other strands.
  • Hair painting - a brush or comb is used to paint a color.
  • Chunking - way of coloring different sizes chunks of hair.
  • Low-lighting - method of applying lighter shades.

Hair highlights are available in a number of natural and multicolor shades. In summer the sunlight adds a natural highlight to the hair and highlights can impart a wonderful summer look.

The good thing about highlights is that they don't have to be maintained as often as a single color - you can get away with some growth as roots will not be so noticeable, especially if your highlights are subtle.

The streaks that you get done should match your natural hair color so that they blend and does not look weird. Choosing a hair color that matches with the skin tone is important and everyone should ensure they make the right choice.

There are many choices available when one wants to get the hair streaks done. Blonde hair choices have a collection of honey, golden and other warm highlights. It will give a shine to their hair and you can flaunt a great look which will surely be loved by everyone. Redheads should go for copper, gold, strawberry or light highlights so that you look graceful and the colors compliment your eye color with skin complexion. Also more natural highlights will give you an ultimate sexy look. Brunettes should use hair highlights with the advice of a hair stylist as any mistake and you would look like an embarrassment. However, if light shaded highlights are used, you get a very natural look which will create a dramatic effect.

If you want to have highlights and it is your first time then it is recommended to get them done at a hair salon by a professional color artist. Adding highlights to your own hair can be tricky and a professional will know where to add that give best results.

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