Herbal Wrap

Herbal Wrap

For detoxification and weight loss, this herbal skin care treatment is one of the most effective options available. Herbal body wraps are designed to continuously hydrate for firmer, smoother, more youthful-looking skin while reducing the appearance of cellulite and skin slackening. The client is wrapped tightly in herb-soaked sheets. A cold compress is applied to the forehead, and the person is covered in a blanket for about 30 minutes.

Though not recommended for pregnant women or those with heart conditions or high blood pressure, herbal wraps are extremely rejuvenating for most spa-goers.

Herbal body wraps are fantastic for people who want to improve the body's tone and tighten the look and texture of the skin. This is particularly true for people with loose skin from weight loss or pregnancy. A body wrap is often considered an all-natural alternative to plastic surgery. People who suffer from inflammation and joint pain will also profit from the therapeutic effects of body wraps.

Herbal wrap treatments are natural, most often containing a combination of different herbs and minerals designed to improve the skin and promote inch loss. Essential oils and organic salts are also commonly used in wrapping treatments. Certain ingredients will not only help tone and soften the skin, but will also help you lose body inches. Results are often noticed after the first wrap treatment, but 3-4 body wraps are recommended for the most significant results. Do remember that toxins and interstitial fluids eventually find their way back in to your body, so having regular "maintenance" body wrap treatments will provide better long-term results.

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