Full Colour

Full Colour

Hair is the frame of the face, and quite often an extension of your personality. Choosing the right colour is fundamental to making sure the colour matches both your sense of style and your skin tones.

You need your colour done but here’s a dilemma; do you spend the money (and have it professionally done) or cheap out (and make a trip to the store)... that is the question! 

Hair colors are easily available in the market in wide varieties of options. Different colors, styles and textures are sold when it comes to hair colors. You think you can easily buy a pack of hair dye and do the whole coloring yourself, but you’re wrong.

Only a pro can assess your hair and take the many factors into account that help determine the right formula for you, not only to achieve your desired colour, but with minimal damage. Whether the hair is virgin or has been coloured, what the porosity level is, hair type (coarse, ethnicity, etc) and underlying pigment are just a few factors involved in the formulating process. Whether more than one colour may need to be applied another thing to consider. Often there can be up to three formulas needed when there is regrowth, multi tones and/or porosity levels to consider. A box at the store will never be able to customize like that!

And here are some tips to consider when thinking about what color you should dye your hair.

Stick to colours that compliment your skin tone, figure out if you're better off with single-process colour or highlights.

If you was fair haired as a child then you'll likely look good with blonde hair as a grown-up.
Bottle blondes should never colour their hair more than 2 shades lighter than their natural shade.
If your skin is truly pale and you have brown hair, consider going lighter. Dark strong shades can wash you out and put years on you.

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